Shortlist Dubai Interview B&G CEO Paria Ghorashi

Shortlist Dubai have included an interview with Paria Ghorashi, the Co-Founder and CEO of Blowout&Go in their latest issue, asking Paria wide ranging questions about both her latest business venture Blowout&Go alongside more personal questions about her life, family and interests in Dubai.

Released weekly, Shortlist Dubai is one of the most popular ‘freemium’ publications targeting both residents and tourists, with features about shopping, fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, technology, dining and sport.

Blowout&Go Co-Founder and CEO Paria Ghorashi said,

‘I have always been a avid reader of Shortlist Dubai and I was honoured when they asked to interview me about Blowout&Go and my life here in Dubai.’

Blowout&Go was founded by Paria Ghorashi 2015 in order to fulfil a clear gap in the market for a professional yet afforable express mobile hair styling service in Dubai. Under Paris’s leadership Blowout&Go has revolutionised the home service hair industry enabling their clients to experience a consistently high standard of hair styling in the comfort of their own home.